cancer research


“The research we are undertaking at the Cleveland Clinic will lead to the answers to key questions, and will eventually enable us to manage EHE and design and administer treatment regimens that will halt and even reverse the progress of the disease within a patient.”

Dr Brian Rubin, MD, PhD | Professor of Pathology, Cleveland Clinic

A core objective of the EHE Group sister charities is to promote and fund the ongoing research that is essential for the better understanding and treatment of this rare cancer. Only research can address the many questions about EHE for which we do not currently have answers.

But the EHE Group provides more than funding for research. We collaborate with research and medical professionals to collect patient data from our members around the world. These data provide invaluable insights into the disease to help direct research. We have also established EHE-dedicated biobanks in the UK and USA to capture biological tissue and fluids from patients whenever possible,  providing a critical resource for key elements of our EHE research programme.

In this section you will find details of our ongoing collaborative research programme, and the research team that is undertaking this work.