About EHE

About EHE

“I think what we could soon achieve with epithelioid haemangioendothelioma is disease stabilization in patients who have very rapidly developing disease.”

Dr Brian Rubin, MD, PhD | Professor of Pathology, Cleveland Clinic

Epithelioid Haemangioendothelioma (EHE) is a very rare form of vascular sarcoma. Because it is very rare, there is much we don’t yet know about it. But there are some key things we do know. For example, the gene translocation that is specific to 90% of EHE was discovered in 2011 by the same research team the EHE Group is helping to fund today. We also now know the fusion proteins that are key to driving the disease, and we know how these proteins bind to other proteins in our cells and so affect how are cells grow. These discoveries have also identified therapeutic targets which we are exploring through the research we are funding.

We are also now gathering vital data from our worldwide membership of EHE patients. In addition, we now have dedicated EHE biobanks in the UK and USA which are collecting EHE tissue and fluid samples to help research. Some other jurisdictions are banking these samples through more generic biobanks, but they are still being secured. These data and samples are invaluable to the clinicians  and research scientists who are working to understand and treat this rare cancer. We believe that new treatments and targeted drug regimens are not far away, so do not think that EHE is a lost cause. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In this section, you will find an introduction to EHE, including facts about the disease and our current understanding of it. You will also find links to other sources of information that we hope will be of use.