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The EHE Rare Cancer Charity (UK) is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) with Charity Registration No. 1162472. The Charity is run by a Board of  Trustees, shown below, as stated in its Foundation Constitution.

Hugh Leonard, Chair of Trustees

Hugh is a senior executive of a small independent oil and gas company based in London. Hugh is an ardent supporter of the EHE cause and brings significant drive and organisational skills to the charity, backed up by more than 30 years of corporate experience and operations, including governance and statutory reporting requirements. He is married with three children.

Jeff Collins, Trustee

Jeff is a Canadian Chartered Accountant and CFO of an oil and gas company. Jeff has previously served as Treasurer for a Canadian national environmental charity based in Ottawa. He brings a detailed knowledge of accounting, reporting and financial governance to the Board of Trustees, coupled with his natural drive and enthusiasm. He is married with three children.

Kate Hooper, Trustee

Kate has a doctorate in Developmental Genetics. She has extensive experience in academic publishing, as an editor of biomedical journals. Kate brings a strong understanding of biomedical research, as well as experience of the peer-review, funding and grant application process. She is married with two children and is based in London.

Dr Oliver Pearce, Trustee

Dr Oliver Pearce is Group Leader at the Barts Cancer Institute in London. Oliver’s lab at Bart’s is focused on the tumour microenvironment (TME), where they are particularly interested in understanding the composition and function of the tumour extracellular matrix in immunosuppression.

While Oliver’s lab is not working on EHE, Oliver brings real, up-to-date, cancer research expertise into the Board of Trustees. Oliver is also a member of our Research and Medical Advisory Board.

There is also a personal connection for Oliver as his cousin was diagnosed with EHE in 2005. We know that Oliver will be able to play an important part in our activities as we continue to strive to fund EHE research and seek new treatments and hopefully find a cure for EHE. Oliver is married with two children.

Sally Baker, Trustee

Sally is closely involved with EHE and the implications of dealing with an EHE diagnosis. She is actively involved in the Charity’s patient support and engagement process. Sally is married, has three children and a labradoodle.  She lives in Kingston-upon Thames.