cancer research fundraising events


Why fundraising is critical

Fundraising is the lifeblood of the EHE Rare Cancer Charity (UK). It provides the funds we need to deliver on all our objectives. But most of the funds we raise are used for the promotion and support of research that is critical to beating rare cancers like EHE. Our funds are obtained either through the fundraising efforts of our members, their supporters and the general public, or from direct donations. If you do not want to engage in fundraising programmes but do want to support us by providing a donation, please use the DONATE button on our home page. If you can and would like to help with ongoing fundraising, please read on.

Our programmes and initiatives

Our members are committed to supporting our fundraising programme in many different ways, by running their own personal fundraising events. It is these events, and the fabulously generous people who participated, that allowed the charity to reach the £1,000,000 raised mark in August 2022, just 7 years after inception. The EHE sister charities are also running their own combined worldwide fundraising initiatives.

In addition to the fundraising of our members, the charity also participates directly in two large events each year, the London Landmarks Half Marathon and the RideLondon100 cycling sportive. Details of these events and examples of members fundraising can be seen on the Events and ideas page in this section. Examples of fundraising events and the stories behind them can also be seen by viewing past copies of The Pledge, our quarterly newsletter, which can be found in the EHE Library  section of this website.


We have described within this section a series of fundraising events and ideas, but we recognise that for many people a small one-off donation may be all they can afford. We would be extremely grateful for any donation that you can make, regardless of size, as it will be the collection of many donations of all different sizes that will ultimately help us raise the funds we need. If you want to make a donation please use the DONATE button at the top of this page. We would be very grateful for any funds you can spare, regardless of amount.

Join us

But you don’t have to have EHE, or even know somebody with EHE, to join us and raise funds. It may be that you know somebody who has a rare cancer, or perhaps you simply want to help improve understanding of cancers in general. Whatever your reason, your assistance and the funds you raise will be hugely appreciated. We will be genuinely grateful for your help.