Donations Types for cancer charity

Types Of Donations

Thank you

Thank you for finding and looking at our donations pages. If you choose to support our fight against rare cancer with a donation, we will be extremely grateful for such a generous and loving gesture.

There are several different ways you can donate. We have listed the main ways below and hope that these are helpful.

Regular giving

Regular giving is the better way for us to receive money. It provides us with a regular income so that we can commit to supporting research. If you want to set up regular giving, please click the DONATE button at the top of this page or on our HOME page which will take you to the Charity’s JustGiving page where you will be able to set up monthly donations.

For some people, if your employer offers this, you can donate through payroll giving, where you donation is made from your salary pre-tax. If you are interested in this then please ask you employer if it is possible.

One-off donations

If you want to support us with a one-off donation, please click the DONATE button at the top of this page or on our HOME page which will take you to the Charity’s JustGiving page where you will be able to make your donation.

Donations in memory

If you wish to honour the memory of a lost relative or friend by making a donation to help fight EHE then we would be very grateful for such a kind and compassionate gesture. Again, please click the DONATE button at the top of this page or on our HOME page which will take you to the Charity’s JustGiving page where you will be able to make your donation.

(All our online donations use the EHERCC Just Giving page to simplify administration and reduce our costs.)

Legacy Donations

Some people may want to leave donations in their will to charities that they want to support. If you wish to do this then the general advice is to name the charity in your will and include its Charity Number to avoid any confusion over names. Below you will find the Charity’s full name and Charity Number if you are considering making such a donation in this way.

The EHE Rare Cancer Charity (UK)

Charity Number: 1162472

By cheque

If you don’t want to make an online payment but would like to send a cheque, we would be very grateful. Please make the cheque payable to EHE Rare Cancer Charity (UK) and send it to EHERCC, 23 Geneva Road, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey KT1 2TW, UK.

At the bank

You can simply make an electronic payment directly into our bank account from yours. Contact us at for our bank details.  If you do make a direct payment into our account, then it would be very useful if you could add your name as a reference and perhaps send us a short email so that we can watch out for the funds when they arrive.

If you chose to support our fight against rare cancer, whatever donation method you use, we thank you!

In addition, if you are donating through the Charity’s JustGiving page and you are a UK tax payer, you are also able to grant the Charity the Gift Aid associated with your donation. See our next page for more information on Gift Aid and how it helps us.

Gift Aid
Our registration

As a charity registered with the Charity Commission and Her Majesty’s Revenues and Customs (HMRC), Gift Aid is a tax-related benefit that our charity can enjoy.

Benefits of Gift Aid

If you confirm that you want Gift Aid to apply to your donation, we will receive a further 25% of the value of your donation directly from HMRC. So a £10 donation with Gift Aid allows us to reclaim £2.50 from HMRC, making your actual donation worth £12.50 to our charity. If that 25% is applied across all of our donations, the impact is huge.

Gift Aid enables charities that are properly registered to claim back the basic rate of tax for any donation they receive from a UK taxpayer. This is because HMRC have accepted that charitable donations should be tax exempt and every Gift Aid donation is regarded as having already been taxed at the basic rate. For higher-rate tax payers you can donate the basic rate tax through Gift Aid but you will need to reclaim higher marginal tax you have paid by claiming this through your annual self-assessment tax process.

How you can help us

For the EHE Rare Cancer Charity (UK) to claim back the tax on a donation we simply need the donor to confirm that they are happy for us to reclaim the tax and that they are a UK taxpayer. For donations or pledges made through our EHERCC Just Giving page, please complete the Gift Aid information you will be asked for in the Gift Aid section of the donation process. For more detail on Gift Aid, click the link below, which will take you to the relevant section of the HMRC website.

If you do decide to Gift Aid your donation we would be very grateful. But we do understand that some donors will want to reclaim both the basic rate and higher-rate tax themselves through their annual self-assessment process. Whatever you decide to do regarding Gift Aid, we will be extremely grateful for your donation because, without you, we cannot win our battle against EHE.

family support for cancer patients
£20 – will help us deliver our patient support, research and advocacy objectives
cancer research
£50 – will help fund research and answer critical questions about EHE
help cancer patients
help develop successful treatments and stop EHE destroying lives