support for cancer patients


Those affected

When somebody has cancer it is not only the patient that is affected but a far wider group. The patient’s immediate family and close friends might also feel fearful, uncertain and impotent in the face of a life-threatening disease, and if those loved ones are also acting as the primary caregiver, then they will be dealing with very stressful events.

As a caregiver, it can be very difficult to support the patient while dealing with your own stress and anxiety. Caregivers must therefore also take care of themselves, in maintaining as much normality in their lives as possible, and ensuring that they are coping. It is also very important that caregivers ask for help when they need it. Nobody will be surprised, and most will be very willing to help in whatever way they can.

Support for caregivers

The EHE community has established its own ‘Caregivers’ Facebook forum where caregivers can engage with each other and express views, discuss issues and in some cases ‘let off steam’. If you are a caregiver then we would welcome your involvement in this forum which can be accessed using this EHE Caregivers Facebook link below.

Excellent advice for caregivers is also provided by several other sarcoma and cancer-focused organisations, links to which are also provided below:

The EHE Caregivers Facebook Page Closed Group:
Support and Information; Sarcoma UK:
Information and Support; Macmillan Cancer Support:
Cancer Buddies Network:
Cancer advice and guidance: Cancer Advice
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