Running in memory of a dear colleague

cancer awareness charity

Jess Ralph contacted us in late September asking if we had any EHE running tops as she was running to raise funds for EHE research. We are always delighted to provide running tops if we have them, both to support the runner, but also to spread further awareness of EHE. So we were delighted that we did indeed have the right sized top for Jess for her run on 16th October.

Jess explained why she was running for EHE: “I am running for my friend, Al Munday, who passed away last year from EHE. He was my boss originally and then married one of my colleagues, Kate, and we all became firm friends. Kate gathered donations when Al passed away and then more recently this year when it was his birthday. I wasn’t able to do anything then so decided I’d run for the charity when I was signing up to the Great South.

We were delighted when Jess sent us news of her run: “So great news, I made it around in one piece on Sunday (1hr 30) and the current amount raised is £1,004!” That really is tremendous Jess. Thank you so much. And we are sure that Al is super proud of your fantastic efforts.