Chair of Trustees visits the Institute of Cancer Research

ICR Sutton

At the current time the EHERCC is working closely with the ICR on several different projects. The UK National EHE Biobank is housed at the Royal Marsden Hospital but was originally established and is now partially administered by the ICR team. The ICR team are also working in collaboration with INT in Milan on two different projects that are evaluating different biomarkers of EHE, as well as developing further patient derived xenografts (PDX) mouse models of EHE and evaluating EHE response to different drugs. Finally, the ICR/Royal Marsden will be an active member of the pan-European prospective registry that is being established at INT.

Hugh Leonard explains: “we would not have made the advances we have without the dedication and engagement of Dr Paul Huang and his team at the ICR. The things that these guys can do is really mind-blowing and so clever. I was really hugely grateful for the time they gave me on my visit and the patience as they explained to me some of the great work they are doing. You come away feeling that you are in great hands.”