Brian Rubin really is wonderful

brian rubin

On September 18th Hugh Leonard finally had the real privilege of spending a whole evening having dinner with Prof Brian Rubin in London. 

Last week I spent 3 days in Milan visiting the INT Team. Tonight, after 8 years of emails, zoom calls, video conferences etc I finally had the privilege of meeting Prof Brian Rubin in person during his visit to London. This man is a true champion of our cause and it was really awesome to catch up on what is happening in EHE research over a very nice meal. He was also really interested in our EHE research strategy that we started to discuss last week in Italy, and is keen to help. Thank you Brian for all you and your team do. 

Hugh is also excited by how excited Prof Rubin is about the ongoing development of TEAD inhibitors, and amazed at the range of different collaborations he has ongoing with different experts in so many fields.