A stunning evening

cancer research fundraising events

Kelly’s family have been brilliant supporters of the EHE cause ever since her daughter was diagnosed with EHE. So we were not surprised when, Hannah, Kelly’s niece, held a small and intimate concert in central London one Sunday night to raise funds for The EHE Rare Cancer Charity and for EHE Research. Hannah had previously participated in, and done very well on, The Voice, a prime time music talent show, so had no problem wowing everybody there with her phenomenal voice. Hannah was brilliantly supported by two other young singers, as well as her husband and brother, both talented musicians.  

It was also great as there were three other EHE patients present on the night, Sally Baker, Kim Alexander-Bird, and Michaela Murphy. All agreed that is was lovely to be able meet each other and their lovely respective partners.  

Hugh Leonard also had the chance to say a few words about EHE and the Charity at the start of the concert. At the end of the night Hannah had raised over £1,000, an amazing achievement.